Happiness Workshops & Programs

Happiness 101 Workshop:
In this 3-hour workshop, participants will learn what happiness is and why it's essential to personal well-being and the well-being of communities in which they work and live. They will explore the fundamentals of happiness, including: Co-Creation, Learning Life Lessons and The Five Principles of Happiness. Each person will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of what happiness it and how it works. 

Co-Creation Workshop:
This 2-hour workshop teaches participants The Five Steps of Co-Creation and how to practice the steps in order to manifest more easily and joyfully. During the workshop, participants will apply the steps relative to something they are interested in co-creating now (a relationship, car, house, project, promotion, etc.).

Learning Life Lessons Workshop:
Life lessons occur at both the individual and organizational level. In this 4-hour workshop, participants will learn and explore the nature and purpose of life lessons and use The Five Stages of Evolution to identify their current life lesson, what stage they are in relative to that life lesson and how to step through that lesson with greater ease and consciousness. 

The Five Principles of Happiness Program:
This 6-month program equips participants with a life-long happiness practice they can apply to all areas of their lives. During this program, pariticpants will learn and apply the core principles for creating "inside-out" happiness. The 5PH Program is designed to create measurable results at the individual level within 90 days and at the organizational level within 6 months. Each month the group will focus on putting into practice one of the five happiness principles.