THE 30-DAY HAPPINESS PRACTICE™:  A powerful way for leaders champion, ignite and measure happiness and its impact within teams, groups and organizations in just 30-Days. Participants enjoy a shared experience in which they will:

  • Assess individual and group wellbeing using the online Stress and Happiness Snapshot™ (pre & post)
  • Delve into the global happiness movement and discover how it is influencing policy, business, education and more
  • Learn how happiness, wellbeing, engagement and performance are inextricably linked
  • Understand the emotional, behavioral and physical toll of unmanaged stress and why self-care is more important than ever
  • Discover how to measure the impact of happiness - qualitatively and quantitatively - all the way to key performance measures
  • Explore the nature of happiness itself and learn to redefine is as an authentic, inside-out state that can be cultivated with practice
  • Learn & Practice: a simple, yet profound 30-Day Happiness Practice™ to reduce stress and increase happiness
  • Engage: in a Happiness Huddle™ - a safe, relaxed facilitation to process learning, discoveries and stories while promoting team-building, professional development and problem-solving


THE HAPPINESS PRACTICE™ (THP™):  A transformational, 6-month journey that empowers leaders who care about workplace wellbeing to champion, ignite, measure and sustain happiness to reduce stress, increase engagement and build a culture of wellbeing and performance. Requires 500 minutes/participant. Experience includes:

  • Organization preparation planning
  • Comprehensive 6-month practice experience and tools
  • Return On Happiness™ measurement and organizational reporting using tailored metrics (pre, mid & post)
  • Stress & Happiness Snapshots™ for participants (pre, mid & post)
  • On-going practice reminders and support:
    • Digital reflections, posters, wristbands, etc.
    • Regular Happiness Huddles™
  • Sustainability planning and implementation