We’re not in this amazing life experience just to “manage” stress, depression and anxiety - we’re here to cultivate happiness.

Happiness is a birthright. It isn't "manufactured positivity." It's the ability to locate innate serenity and excitement about life regardless of outside forces. Happiness isn't a destination - it's a practice.

Leaders and organizations can’t “make” employees happy. They can, however, serve as powerful happiness and wellbeing champions by providing employees with practices and tools that make them feel personally equipped and accountable to cultivate their own happiness.

You can't give what you don't have. If people aren't happy it's impossible for them to deliver exceptional, authentic and memorable experiences.

Happiness propels wellbeing. The more authentically happy people are, the more likely it is that they will cultivate all aspects of their wellbeing: family, work, physical, social, and financial.

Magnificent results aren't required for happiness, but happiness is required for magnificent results.

Happiness can be learned and practiced, and it's impact measured individually and collectively.

Happiness heals both mind, body and spirit.

Happy people are naturally more loving and lovable.

Happiness is contagious and has the power to transform culture and heal the world.