What Is It?

The Happiness Practice (THP™) empowers and equips leaders to proactively cultivate individual and organizational happiness while measuring Return On Happiness™ (ROH™) in meaningful ways. THP helps people discover and develop authentic happiness (“the innate ability to locate and amplify personal serenity and excitement about life regardless of outside forces”), while measurably improving individual and collective resiliency, innovation and sustainability in order to build competitive advantage for organizations.  

THP is based on a set of five powerful, integrated principles called The 5 Principles of Happiness™. The more people consciously and consistently practice The 5 Principles, the easier it becomes to cultivate inside-out authentic happiness. While the principles are simple, they are not simplistic; rather, they are highly effective tools for living with greater happiness and wellbeing. 

Return On Happiness™ - How We Measure Success

Together with our clients, we identify meaningful metrics in order to shape the development of customized ROH systems that quantitatively and qualitatively determine the impact of practicing happiness on individuals, cohorts, teams, departments and organizations. 

The Benefits of THP

In addition to improved happiness and wellbeing, by practicing THP, people and organizations become more:


Resilient:  Able to fearlessly stretch into new territory and bounce back from perceived setbacks

Innovative:     Able to generate excitement and energy to create new solutions 

Sustainable:  Able to freely give and receive in order to thrive individually and collectively

How To Start

If you’re interested in learning more about The Happiness Practice please contact us. We’d be delighted to share our case studies, answer your questions and envision with you how THP could help to build happiness, wellbeing and sustainable competitive advantage.