Nancy O’ Brien and Linda Saggau co-founded Experience Happiness in 2007 with the mission of helping people and organizations transform and thrive through happiness. Economics, neuroscience, sociology and other scientific disciplines all point to the advantages of happiness (the why), but Nancy and Linda chose to focus on what happiness really is and how to create it. Over seven years of research, program development and teaching led to the creation of The Happiness Practice™ (THP™), which empowers leaders to champion and cultivate individual and organizational happiness while measuring Return On Happiness™ (ROH™) at individual, group and organizational levels. THP equips people with principles and tools to help them develop authentic happiness ("the innate ability to locate and amplify personal serenity and excitement about life regardless of outside forces"). When people practice THP, individual and collective wellbeing measurably increases along with sustainability, resiliency and innovation - cultivating competitive advantage.

What doesn't get measured doesn't get managed, so Experience Happiness developed a proprietary Return On Happiness system to measure increases in individual happiness and wellbeing as well as quantitative and qualitative improvements in key performance indicators within cohorts and organizations. Excitingly, THP impacts two important success levers simultaneously: 1) employee engagement and 2) customer loyalty - creating a unique opportunity for leaders and organizations to do more using one powerful solution.

In addition to their expertise in happiness, Nancy and Linda bring over 25 years of combined experience in the areas of Branding, Employee and Customer Experience and Business Strategy in retail, finance, technology, hospitality, healthcare and consumer packaged goods. Their experience informs the strategy, design, implementation and measurement of The Happiness Practice to optimize results.