The Benefits of THP

built for measurable impact

One Solution, Infinite Benefits

One solution. Broad impact. 
THP increases personal happiness while reducing stress, burnout, and associated issues such as absenteeism and turnover. Personal levels of resilience, innovation, and sustainability improve to positively impact team and organizational performance metrics, including productivity, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Levels of burnout, happiness, resilience, innovation, and sustainability are measured throughout THP. 
The impact at team, departmental and organizational levels is also tracked and reported. Our automated Return On Happiness (ROH) measurement system adapts to reflect organizational key performance indicators.

THP is built on a critical — and ever-growing — body of research showing that happiness improves physical, behavioral, and mental wellbeing as well as productivity and individual, organizational, and social behavior. Our experience methodology ensures participants successfully integrate and utilize key principles in their personal and professional lives.

Our case studies demonstrate that THP helps people reduce burnout and its negative physical, emotional and behavioral effects while increasing happiness and its positive byproducts. Participants show continued improvement in these measures, and clients report significant, sustained increases in key performance indicators, such as employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

Flexible, scalable and sustainable 
We offer several options for rolling out THP to your workforce, including in-person THP facilitators, web-enabled learning, train-the-trainer and more. Private, one-on-one executive coaching in THP is also available.