Case Studies

The proven ROI of The Happiness Practice”

As our case studies and success stories illustrate, THP has enabled organizations to cultivate competitive advantage by helping individuals reduce stress and burnout while simultaneously discovering and developing authentic, inside-out happiness. In addition to achieving specific business objectives, we’re happy to report that our clients continue to experience significant increases in innovation, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and other key performance indicators.

Driving Return on Happiness at a Level 1 Trauma Center

Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis

Challenged to improve patient satisfaction in an urban public hospital and Level 1 Trauma Center, hospital leadership collaborated with Experience Happiness to implement THP. Between August 2015 and June 2017, 184 people across 20 departments participated in the program. Despite several concurrent stressful situations – including a workforce reduction, the busy summer/trauma season, and a shortage of emergency department nurses – THP helped drive a 5.3 percent increase in patient satisfaction, as well as significant reductions in stress, occupational burnout and other significant improvements in participants’ personal and professional lives. The results were published in the University of Minnesota Interdisciplinary Journal of Partnership and our work continues at Hennepin Healthcare with a phased approach to equip and empower every employee with THP.

The Results

  • 5.3 point improvement in patient satisfaction (Press Ganey)
  • 7% improvement in employee engagement
  • 19% improvement in personal happiness, including serenity and excitement
  • 19% improvement in resilience
  • 19% improvement in innovation
  • 22% decrease in burnout
  • 16% improvement in sustainability
  • 16% increase in overall happiness



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Seven Lessons in Partnership: How a Hospital and a Happiness Organization Teamed to Decrease Practitioner Burnout, Increase Practitioner Well-Being and Improve Patient Satisfaction


Bringing Authentic Happiness to the Global Hospitality & Travel Industry

Carlson, Minneapolis

Experience Happiness collaborated with a pilot group of executives and employees at Carlson, a global hospitality & travel leader, to demonstrate how THP could support the organization’s business goals and objectives. Over a six-month period, employees learned, practiced and integrated The 5 Principles of Happiness while leaders tracked, measured and assessed improvement with The Return on Happiness system. Amongst the many positive qualitative and quantitative results, many participants shifted into a more innovative mindset with increased willingness to adopt more responsibilities – allowing leadership to shift focus from tactics to strategic endeavors. As testament to the sustainability of THP, participants are continuing to work with a new definition of happiness, establishing deeper and more meaningful connections with one another other and sharing stories of profound life/work improvements including increased self-care, reduced stress and more satisfying relationships with spouses and children.

Carlson – The Impact of The Happiness Practice™ from Experience Happiness on Vimeo.