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Our Story

Experience Happiness was born out of the recognition that unhealthy stress and burnout—a virtual epidemic in today’s fast-paced global marketplace—is impairing people’s ability to embrace change, cope with challenging situations, feel truly happy or even take on One. More. Thing. We help people and organizations thrive through happiness. We offer The Happiness Practice (THP) to empower leaders to proactively cultivate individual and organizational happiness while measuring Return On Happiness (ROH) at individual, team, and organizational levels. THP is a transformative life practice proven to simultaneously reduce stress/burnout, increase happiness, and build engaged, high-performance cultures of wellbeing that are strategically empowered to attract, retain and optimize talent.

Meet the Team


Nancy O'Brien


Nancy is passionate about researching, developing and sharing innovative tools to enhance and measure well-being. Prior to co-founding Experience Happiness, Nancy spent years on the leading edge of massive innovation and change, serving on the IBM change team to transition the global business from manufacturing to services. She also shared her deep experience design and management expertise with many clients by helping them develop and implement bespoke strategies to ensure delivery of authentic, consistent and memorable experiences.



Linda Saggau


Linda brings powerful strategic and creative expertise to the business of cultivating happiness. She is co-creator of The Happiness Practice and continues to research and develop transformational programs to help people, teams and organizations thrive.  A noted writer, speaker, and entrepreneur, Linda has a wealth of experience with Chase, JP Morgan, Cargill, Best Buy, 3M, Ecolab, and other Fortune 500 organizations, where she consulted on business strategy, branding, customer experience, cross-enterprise collaboration and other strategies.


Next Steps...

Whether you already have a corporate wellbeing initiative or are just starting out on the journey, we'd love to connect with you. We're happy to share our research, case studies and success stories and discuss how The Happiness Practice can help you cultivate the competitive advantage of happiness. To learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us.