The Happiness & Burnout Solution

The Happiness Practice

Built to help leaders champion, ignite, measure and sustain the power of workforce happiness, The Happiness Practice (THP) is proven to measurably and simultaneously reduce stress & burnout, increase happiness, improve engagement, and build high-performing cultures of wellbeing—strategically positioned to better attract, retain, and optimize talent.


The Burnout Imperative

Stress and burnout—an epidemic in healthcare, emergency services, public safety, education and other mission-driven industries—is rapidly draining enjoyment, creativity and productivity from peoples’ personal and professional lives. Its mental and physical toll leaves people and teams unable to innovate, deal with change or take on One. More. Thing. Organizationally, stress/burnout drives higher turnover, lower productivity, increased absenteeism, reduced customer satisfaction, and impacts both quality and safety. While it's has received much attention from researchers, solutions to effectively, measurably and sustainably address it have not been available. That's why we built THP.


The Benefits of THP

THP empowers leaders to champion and cultivate individual and organizational happiness while measuring Return On Happiness™ (ROH) at individual, team, and organizational levels. THP is a transformative life practice, not another work program. It works to dramatically improve personal resilience, innovation and sustainability—while building true competitive advantage for organizations.

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THP works in any industry.

People and organizations in many industries—including healthcare, emergency services, hospitality, education, technology, human services and more—have benefitted from THP.

Tailored to meet your needs.

With options that range from one-on-one coaching to in-person group cohorts, web-based delivery to train-the-trainer, THP can be tailored to fit the needs and budget of any organization.


Next Steps...

Whether you already have a corporate wellbeing initiative or are just starting out on the journey, we'd love to connect with you. We're happy to share our research, case studies and success stories and discuss how The Happiness Practice can help you cultivate the competitive advantage of happiness. To learn please contact us. We're ready to listen, share and co-create!