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The Happiness Practice

The Happiness Practice (THP) is an evidence-based, transformative and sustainable practice to mitigate and prevent burnout while increasing happiness, health and performance. Based on brain science, THP leverages brain neuroplasticity to become not another thing to do, but a way of being.

Beat burnout

The Burnout Imperative

Today’s innovative leaders understand the strategic importance of workforce wellbeing, but accomplishing this goal is more challenging than ever due to the unprecedented levels of stress and burnout impacting the personal and professional lives their employees every day. THP makes it easy for leaders to proactively, compassionately and effectively address stress and burnout to improve employees’ lives and achieve amazing organizational results.

One solution, infinite benefits

The Benefits of THP

THP empowers leaders to champion and cultivate individual and organizational happiness while measuring Return On Happiness (ROH) tied to key performance measures.

of workers experience stress-related psychological symptoms regularly.
of U.S. workers feel their jobs are extremely or very stressful.
of employees are very often burned out or stressed in the workplace.
the annual cost of workplace stress due to employee absences and healthcare costs

Assess your happiness, stress & burnout

The Happiness Practice improves emotional, physical and behavioral wellbeing by reducing stress/burnout and increasing happiness and performance. Discover your own stress/burnout and happiness levels by taking our 100% confidential assessment. You’ll instantly receive your complimentary personal report.

Case Studies

THP has enabled organizations to cultivate competitive advantage by helping individuals reduce stress and burnout by discovering and developing authentic, inside-out happiness. In addition to achieving specific business objectives, we’re happy to report our clients continue to experience significant increases in engagement, customer satisfaction and other KPIs.


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