The Happiness Practice™

increase happiness and its byproducts of resilience, innovation and sustainability

A transformative journey for people and organizations

If you've been searching for ways to enhance culture, promote wellbeing and cultivate competitive advantage, we invite you to discover the transformative power of The Happiness Practice (THP). THP is a proprietary solution proven to help individuals measurably reduce the physical, emotional and behavioral symptoms of stress & burnout, while increasing happiness and it byproducts of resilience, innovation and sustainability. THP is built on a critical mass of research showing that happiness improves physical, behavioral and mental wellbeing

as well as productivity and individual, organizational and social behavior. THP methodology is based on advanced brain science and leverages human neuroplasticity—the brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming dynamic new neural connections. As a result of learning and practicing THP, people develop exciting and authentic new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving that positively impact their life, their work and their environment; and ultimately integrate to form a sustainable, optimized way of being.

Redefining happiness is core to the efficacy and success of THP. In the practice, happiness is described as the innate ability to locate and amplify personal serenity and excitement about life regardless of outside forces — which helps people release the notion that they must "manufacture" positivity, or be constantly buoyant, without negative thoughts and smiling. THP helps people cultivate what we call "practical happiness" —helping them to deal more effectively with whatever challenges life may present.

One Flexible, Scalable and Sustainable Solution

THP is a single, sustainable solution that can be fully tailored and scaled to meet the needs and goals of your organization. Collaborating closely with your executive leadership team and employees, Experience Happiness provides empathic and empowering THP facilitation, coaching, web-based delivery and train-the-trainer education. At every step of this transformative journey, progress is tracked, analyzed and reported with our proprietry Return On Happiness™ (ROH™) system and supported with Happiness Huddles™, webinars, digital reminders and reflections, plus a variety of other tailored strategies and tools.

Business Intelligence—Powered by Return On Happiness

Our fully-automated Return On Happiness (ROH) system measures and reports qualitative and quantitative improvements at individual, group and organizational levels—and can be adapted to reflect key performance indicators that are most meaningful to your organization, including employee engagement, retention, turnover, errors, customer satisfaction and more. ROH reports help leaders get a pulse on their organization and gain real-time business and cultural intelligence to inform better strategic decisions.

Sustainable Impact and Competitive Advantage

THP is proven to transform people, teams and organizations and build engaged, happy, productive cultures of wellbeing—able to retain, attract and optimize top talent—and cultivate true competitive advantage.