Linda & Nancy on Edge Talk Radio

Linda & Nancy on Edge Talk Radio 1024 629 Kris Hase

Join host Elise Marquam Jahns as she chats with Nancy O’Brien and Linda Saggau, founders of Experience Happiness and creators of The Happiness Practice (THP). THP is proven to measurably reduce stress and burnout, increase happiness, and build engaged high-performance cultures of wellbeing that are strategically empowered to attract, retain, and optimize talent.

For years, Nancy and Linda worked as business strategists and observed that unhealthy stress and burnout impaired people’s happiness, relationships, ability to change, or take on One. More. Thing. The negative impact extended to teams and organizations—resulting in low morale, engagement, productivity, and performance. Nancy and Linda set out to solve the problem and built Experience Happiness—a company dedicated to helping people and organizations thrive by cultivating the competitive advantage of happiness using evidence-based practices to reduce the emotional, behavioral and physical impact of stress and burnout, while dramatically increasing wellbeing and performance.


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