Happiness = Competitive Advantage

Volumes of research prove that happiness isn’t a “soft proposition,” but a wise business strategy to drive sustainable competitive advantage by making people and organizations more resilient, innovative and sustainable. In fact, Harvard Business Review’s 2012 “Spotlight on Happiness” issue cited that happy employees are 31% more productive, their sales are 37% greater and their creativity is 3x higher. The powerful link between happiness and business performance is clear, but “what” happiness is and “how” to create it has remained largely illusive, until now. 


Happiness Can Be Defined. 

Six years of research, development and teaching lead to our definition of "authentic" happiness: "The ability to locate and cultivate personal serenity and excitement about life, regardless of forces."  When shared and explored with others, this simple yet profound working definition begins to take the "mystery" out of happiness and inspires people to take the empowering steps of learning, practicing and measuring authentic happiness in their own lives.


Happiness Can Be Learned, Practiced & Measured. 

Like a muscle, happiness must be located and worked in order to grow. That's exactly why we built The Happiness Practice™ - a ground-breaking practice designed to help people and organizations learn, practice and measure happiness and its impact on business performance.

The Happiness Practice™ teaches The 5 Principles of Happiness™ to empower and equip people in developing more authentic, inside-out happiness in their lives and at work. The success of The Happiness Practice™ is measured using our proprietary Return On Happiness (ROH)™ system. ROH qualitatively and quantitatively determines not just increases in happiness, but also improvements in business performance such as: engagement, resilience, innovation, sustainability, collaboration, loyalty, and more. Because every organization’s goals are different, we customize ROH measurements to be meaningful for our clients, as well as tailor The Happiness Practice experience to fit clients' unique cultures.

Let's Connect. We're Happy To Share. 

Helping people and organizations thrive through happiness is our passion! To learn more about cultivating the competitive advantages of happiness, please contact us.